Sunday, August 16, 2020

The missing 2 years

 I chanced upon this abandoned Blogger account while reading some fanfics and spoilers online. I am surprised Blogger is still... alive and doing good.

Lets see, my last post was 2018 (a grand 2 years plus). On general daily basis, life is mundane but in summary, a lot of change happened to me and so here am I doing this posting for the record to my future me! Maybe I will look back here 2 years later and reminisce on my youth.

I am turning 27 soon! I am already not within the 18 - 24 years old range when filling survey forms ouch. Funny thing is, age does not seem to catch up much on me yet, except I am gaining weight, everything else is still same. Stamina increased, more durability, climbed at least 3 mountains! I love this achievement~ 

Sometime in 2019, I got out of a relationship and I had not looked back since. It was the best decision I've ever made that made such good impact on my well being. I do not think I am unwell, but I might just reject people trying to get into my life. I don't know honestly.

At the same time, I graduated with a degree in Mathematics in 2019! And I am not so proud to say I got no honors, I could had put in more effort in my first year! But now the certificate still has little to do with my job (yes, I am still at the same job since 2017).

I am also secretly pleased that I had not take a industry switch last October. Although it was a company in my to-work list, it is a travel related company, and this whole year has people keeping their toes on since coronavirus. It did huge impact to the travel and tourism industry. Not sure happy or sad that I have to halt my grand plans and continue in this company for now. I guess more time for me to figure out my future? 


Monday, February 12, 2018

Just Between Lovers

This is probably the most realistic yet beautiful piece of Korean drama I had ever watch in my whole 25 years of my life.

So simple, so fine, so SMOOTH. <3 p="">
The screenplay, directing, actors and even the OST just fits soooo perfectly. They can win an award for this really. The little details too, they are just perfect. It is like watching a masterpiece in the end.

They do not need to have good-looking actors, they do not need to have extravagant clothing. They just have to be real. And can I emphasis how real this drama is?

1. THEY LEADS USED FREAKING OLD OUTDATED PHONES. DUDE, THE DETAILS!! The phone have cracks on the screen after it dropped several times and they are using the freaking same phone towards the end!!!

2. PLUS, the messages on the phone synced. IM DED. I CANT. Like you know other dramas always just start the text with blank screens? Geddit?

How does one goes into such fine details omg... This one, I have to salute the whole production team for this. Up to the littlest detail, they took care of it 101%.

In the drama, the leads are suppose to be leading a lower than average life staying in rented apartment and rundown motel and yes, they use like outdated phones which makes perfect sense, they have minimal makeup and not even branded clothings. Pity the actors but heck, they are GOLD. Their acting is SUPERB. These are the things that makes this perfect.

Unlike all the other Korean dramas... Especially The Heirs... I know the girl is really poor but somehow she got the latest mobile, nice makeup and even designer shoe???
LOL I don't even have the latest phone and designer shoes/bag! Hahaha... #nokdramalogic this one.

3. It is not so romantic, not so hot guys, not even a bright drama but somehow, it captures my heart and soul. Soooo much that I actually feel Moon Soo and Gang Doo's pain wtf. They have minimal dialogue... That is the best part. The ambience and OST man... All the feels... They act directly for your heart to see omgggg. I loveeeee it.

4. I have no idea if there will be another drama like them? RN Hwayugi is interesting at the start but the mid part is getting messy and other than Seung Gi, idk why should I rush that drama for. #shrugs

So guys, you just have to watch "Just between lovers" by JTBC. They deserve an award!

Sunday, December 17, 2017


I want a break from everywhere. I want to just do what I want and not what people want. I know I live in a world filled with people but sometimes I wish I can just isolate myself and rest...

Attending social gatherings in groups to 捧场 seems redundant to me. Ahh I would love to keep 25th Dec and 1st Jan to myself. I do not need celebrations. I just want to rest!! Stay locked up to recharge myself.

I think it is not normal but I don't think this issue of mine is serious to the extend of needing medical help?? (My mum thinks I need some professional help for thinking this way?????)

Well... i am just an introvert and why can't you all understand??? 😥

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Excuses to myself

Yes. I have a list of excuses to justify my doings just to make me feel better; for not exercising as regularly, for not revising after each lessons, for not waking up just 10 mins earlier, for not eating cleaner etc.

You know, deep down in my mind, whenever I had to find a reason to justify myself, all came out were excuses. Thoughts like "give my muscles a break", "i need more sleep", "no time to do it" etc are just me being lazy!

Very well I am sure that I can afford a 30mins run every work night even if I reached back at only 9pm. Comon... from 9pm till 11pm, most of the time i will be just surfing net and watching shows online aimlessly? Aka sloth my life away. 30mins to run is not going to rob much of my time anyways am i right?

So now I have come on terms with my excuses - i shall not justify my doings. I know i do not work out hard enough so i admit i am getting fatter. I know i do not revise everyday after my lessons so i deserve it when i fail / have troubles with my exams. I know i do not put in effort to my study so that explains why i have a bad brain etc.

I tend to be harsh on myself because of expectations but when you have justifications, you will loose all that expectations. Not sure who else agrees that we are actually making excuses if we need justifications to much of the things we do.

Well, time to move on to a no excuse life! Honestly i am tired thinking of making excuses where i already know the real reason behind the happenings HAHA. Just to please myself maybe?

Friday, November 10, 2017

A month to remember

It is barely mid-month and I felt like I can't go on till the end of month.

1. my exams are coming and I am always awed by how the exam questions varies much from my textbook and quizzes. By difference, I mean A LOT. e.g.

In textbookDraw an abacus machine with the following:
Max ( [m] , [n] ) -> m
Min ( [m] , [n] ) -> n
n-m -> p
In QuizDraw an abacus machine with the following:
2m + Max ( [m] , [n] ) -> m
| [m] - [n] | - Min ( [m] , [n] ) -> n
n-m -> p
In ExamDraw an abacus machine with the following:
Max ( [m] , [n] ) -> m
| [n] + [m] | + Min ( [m] , [n] ) -> p
1 -> n

Look... Same same but different. HOW THE HELL DID THE 1 COME ABOUT?? No one went thru examples with that scenario. Also did I mention, my lecturer uses a totally new method to teach and now I can't even follow my textbook because I know nuts. Google only shows you the chart but I need to draft a table out with it!

2. Singtel singtel... Down again and downtown 36 hours. Seems like they say they are not doing anything and not directly their fault from Singtel blah blah. This is so frustrating!!!

3. I got cut by a quite rusty garden cutter on my finger. Lucky I have my injections done on 2012 so heng... Last 10 years iirc.

4. Work is as usual sooooo intense.

5. Carouseller, ghosted upon my VERY FIRST BUY. User sharencare, took $50 and poof away with the 2 vintage mickey puzzles!

6. 1111 sales, I wanna buy something but I guess this is not my priority as for now. I got point 1 to 5 (not limited to) to settle. Can I faint now? It is as if a problem every 2 days!!

7. My manager is moving on to the next career after 7th Dec. SO HOW NOW WHAT. Noooooooo!!

8. My office toilet got mozzies? =.=

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

About sizes and fitness

Living in Singapore, where girls are at average height of 155cm and 45kg, here I am, 168cm and near 60kg wtf. My skinniest was at 55kg in my poly days! Where I have fats all over me. I mean REAL jingling fats under my arms, my waist, my thighs and even my calves fml.

Now I have way lesser fats around my waist and arms and close to 0 fats at my thighs and calves, my weight boomz near 5kg. WHAT IS THIS!! I know muscle weigh more than fats but this is too cruel for me in a judging society sobs.

In Asia, wide hips, big legs are labeled fat. Did you see all the taobao models? STICK THIN LEGS AND BAMBOO WASIT omg... I can be double of them.

I am not born stick thin. You can strip me off my meat and I can tell you that my bone structure is bigger than the others and hence I am not label thin and will always be judged. Fun fact... I have really not much fats at my hips and elbow and knee!! But somehow these are the ones that made me look fat fml.

It is sooo hard to not look fat around others tbh... I am easily a head taller than people and it will not make sense for me to be the same size as them right? (168cm but 45kg... Though how I wish I was... I can be a size 0 model then)

If you see Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez together, you can see that Taylor is not thin at all. She is a giant... And yes I feel like a giant being sooo tall in pictures. It makes things worst when you take pictures with a bunch of petite people. T____T

My main point is... How one link sizes to fitness. I tell you, these 2 are not the same. Some people who stayed the same despite having no exercise, you can say that they have good metabolism and good genes. While some just a bit lacking... Like me... No good metabolism and genes.

Nowadays there are many underlying disease that even skinny people get! They have fats around their organs. More details Yes skinny fat! Just because they do not look fat, people assume fit which is totally not the same.

All athletes, they are not thin. They are fit. Look at ballerinas, they have strong and calves thicker than me for all the pointe they do. They need that muscles. Swimmers have board arms, they need it. Tennis players have strong arms and thighs!

Ok but I am neither athlete nor dancer so I have to tone down to maybe gymnastic size fml. I have zero idea how while I am running and doing planks often... I think it surely didn't help in making my limbs slim...

HOW HOW HOW??? I wanna be stick thin... Even Gigi Hadid, people say that she do not and is not a standard for a model. I mean oh my god... She is so fit yet she gets criticized????? They world should get a lesson on what is THIN vs FIT and the importance of the latter.

This post started when I realized the girls in my office wears size XS - S and I am so conscious about it... I am a head taller and bigger than them fml.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Giving Up

At times like this, I wonder why do I get started on this? I could had choose an easy life; surfing the net everyday and just go on with work.

Just I always ask myself... For goodness sake, for my sanity, why do I take up school in MATH and now PROGRAMMING and make myself crazily stressed up (what the hell is wrong with this C++) while I am a full time designer?


WHY. =_____=

But I cannot give up. Somewhere in my mind, I said I wanted this. Somewhere in my mind, I said I can and somewhere in my mind this stubbornness decide to make things real. #ultimatefacepalm #stress

How do I even get started on this? I do not know what I don't know (in C++). I thought the logic and concept is there but the syntax and callings are wrong. I am too embarrassed to face my lecturer because I had not been a good student. I eat in class and use my phone sometimes...

My stubbornness is holding onto this... AND I AM SERIOUSLY GOING TO GET INTO TROUBLE ONE DAY. I failed one module and how many more must I fail?